The COMPACT TV aerial is designed for reception of TV (analogue and digital DVB-T) programs in band, from 174 – 230 MHz, 470 – 790 MHz. The aerial advantage is its small size and weight, so it is easy to install it at many different places (a roof, a balcony, a window), or on movable objects (a yacht, a car, a van).

Owing to its air-tight construction, the aerial can operate in any weather conditions. The COMPACT TV aerial essential advantage is its horizontal directional characteristic, the same in all directions, what practically means that it doesn’t have to be directed towards a particular transmitter station.

Technical data:

  • Energy gain: 30-33 dB, max 44 dB
  • Output: 75 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 174 – 230 MHz, 470 – 790 MHz
  • Direction: 360 °
  • Power: 230 AC

Possible use:

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