Antenna  DVB-T MAGNET 12/24V

The DVB-T MAGNET 12/24V aerial is designed for reception of TV (analogue and digital DVB-T) programs in band, from 174-230 MHz and 470 – 790 MHz. The aerial advantage is its small size and weight, so it is easy to install (magnetic holder).
Perfect for  yacht, a car, a van.

Owing to its air-tight construction, the aerial can operate in any weather conditions. The DVB-T MAGNET aerial essential advantage is its horizontal directional characteristic, the same in all directions, what practically means that it doesn’t have to be directed towards a particular transmitter station.

Technical data:

  • Energy gain: 30 – 33 dB max. 44 dB

  • Output: 75 Ohm

  • Frequency range: 174-230 MHz and 470 – 790 Mhz

  • Direction: 360 °

  • Power:  12/24V 30mA DC