Elimination of carcinogenic substances during grilling by reducing burning of fats in the fire


The disadvantage of barbecuing on traditional grills is the harmful toxic substances and smoke produced by the fire.
This is because the worst aspect of barbecuing is fat dripping directly into the fire.
As the fat burns, the following toxic substances are produced:
aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), dioxins, amines (HAA), peroxides, benzopyrene, and others.
Those compounds are very strong mutagens with carcinogenic effect.
They permeate into the meat and even into vegetables grilled later.
The SMOKE produced by burning fats in fire is also full of toxic
compounds inhaled by people present in the vicinity.

In order to largely reduce the production of carcinogenic
substances and to enjoy a healthy barbecue, we developed:



Thanks to a special patented design, the fat melted  uring grilling flows directly into a container,
prevents its burning directly in the fire.
The grill is made from high-quality stainless steel.
It is convenient to use and eliminates the need for aluminum trays, which also raise a number
of concerns as to their impact on health (contact of food with aluminum).
The ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY GRILL is suitable for different types of charcoal barbecues!!!
All you need to do is put it on a standard grill, etc.
The package contains:
– an environment-friendly stainless steel grill 45 cm x 39 cm or 57 cm x 39 cm
– a stainless steel container for dripping fat
– a set of stainless steel holders with wooden shafts for maneuvering the grill.