Korona MOBIL 12/24V

Aerial TV MOBIL KORONA 12/24V including modern amplifier enables reception of programs in range from 174 – 230 MHz, 470 – 790 MHz.  Aerial is used for receiving TV (analogue and digital DVB-T) and radio FM programmes. Its advantage is small size and weight,so it is easy to install it in different places (truck, caravan, yacht, summer house, roof and so on). Its horizontal directional characteristic means that it doesn`t have to be directed towards a station on purpose.
Supply: 12/24V from the car lighter plug. Built-in LED diode on current 12/24V supply plug signalling the correct connection of the antenna.

Aerial TV MOBIL KORONA 12/24V  including: aerial cable, a special Plug to connect in the Car ( 12/24 V ), input for tv typicall.

Excellent as:

  • truck
  • caravan
  • yacht
  • summer house
  • roof
  • indoor antenna

Technical data:

  • Energy profit: 20-30 dB
  • Output: 75 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 174 – 230 MHz, 470 – 790 MHz
  • Direction: 360 °
  • Supply: 12V/24V 30mA DC


Possible use:


na ciężarówki


na camping


do domu


na jachty


do mieszkania